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Malibu, California

The SUP ATX Stand Up Paddle Journey embarked on its mission to spread stand up paddle surfing from oceans to lakes and rivers across the United States and around the world, from Malibu CA in September of 2009. A band of stand up paddlers from Austin and from Malibu stopped at rivers and lakes along the 1400 mile route to introduce and popularize the sport of stand up paddle surfing to many people, most of whom had never seen anyone stand up paddling.

Lake Tavis SUP

Austin, Texas

After four days on the road, the SUP ATX Team arrived in Austin, Texas on Lady Bird Lake, paddling to the damn, walking their boards around the damn and on to paddle Lake Austin. Its all captured on high definition video and 8mm film, with a soundtrack that includes, Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Road Trippin" from their Californication CD. Special thanks goes out to Anthony Kiedis and Flea for authorizing their song for use as the title track in the SUP ATX Stand Up Paddle Journey soundtrack.

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SUP ATX is credited with introducing and popularizing the sport of stand up paddle surfing throughout Central Texas, the United States and many areas around the world, including Lake Travis in Central Texas outside of Austin, Texas. SUP Lake Travis! SUP Austin




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Mansfield Dam, owned by LCRA, creates Lake Travis. Stand Up Paddle Lake Travis.

Mansfield Dam and Lake Travis are the only structures in the Highland Lakes chain specifically designed to contain floodwaters in the lower Colorado River basin. The lake can store as much as 260 billion gallons of floodwaters, helping to prevent destruction downstream.

When the elevation of the lake exceeds 681 feet above mean sea level (msl), LCRA begins floodgate releases under the direction of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The amount and duration of the releases will vary, depending upon the weather and flood conditions above and below the dam.

LCRA and the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation built the dam from 1937 to 1941. Its completion was accelerated after a severe flood in July 1938. After the flood, LCRA raised the height of the dam to add storage capacity for flood control.

The dam was built across a deep canyon at Marshall Ford, a long-time river crossing and settlement. The Corps of Engineers still refers to the structure as Marshall Ford Dam. It was renamed in 1941 for U.S. Rep. J.J. Mansfield, who assisted in the project's development.

For information about parks on Lake Travis, see map of parks and preserves. More information about stand up paddling on Lake Travis on the SUP ATX website.

SUP Lake Travis | Lake Travis | Lake Travis SUP | Aquapalooza on Lake Travis | SUP Lake Travis